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Our Strategies

More than ever, organizations need to get it: how and why strategy wins; how and why organizational capabilities underpin strategy.

Leadership Forum Inc. helps organizations get it and keep it – by working with people through workshops, off-site meetings, consulting and coaching to improve:

  • Strategic thinking, insight, and execution
  • Leadership development and agility
  • Team performance and inclusivity

Our Clients

We have worked with outstanding Fortune Global 500 and FTSE 100 companies, and have proven to be truly adept at listening to problems, identifying underlying causes and proposing solutions.

Our experience includes the following business sectors: Financial Services, Pharmaceuticals & Healthcare, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Consulting, Legal, High-Tech, and Consumer Packaged Goods to name a few. And we have a strong practice which focuses on developing and retaining women.

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New Narrative on Gender

Following the dialogue on why there aren't more women in senior leadership, from Leaning in to The Confidence Gap? See my latest article in the new issue of Talent Quarterly. Written with my good friend and colleagues, Rob Kaiser. Based on conducting “gender audits” in six different companies—where we systematically analyze 360 data to understand a company’s leadership culture and how it affects women. The results challenge conventional wisdom on why women leaders struggle to reach the top.

Out of the Comfort Zone

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Strategy and Intelligence

Strategy requires intelligence and insight—understanding of the changing marketplace and its business implications. Effective intelligence operations require co-creation by decision makers and intelligence professionals of the necessary insights to make better decisions, faster. Those organizations that recognize the need for an intelligence “culture” rather than a “production system,” and actively take the necessary steps to jointly develop the necessary skills and capabilities of both decision-makers and intelligence personnel will consistently outwit, outperform and outmaneuver the competition.

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